Volufiline™ Make Your Breasts Bigger

How Does Volufiline Make Breasts Bigger?

Women searching for a safe way to make their breasts bigger will ultimately get frustrated when looking for something that actually works. there are hundreds of breast creams sold but many of them fail to deliver results.

I have tried so many products, many of which worked very well while others did very little to make my breasts bigger.

Many breast creams contain ingredients that claim they will make your breasts bigger, however, there are only a few of them that have ingredients that are clinically proven to make your breasts bigger.

Nice Breasts

Volufiline was patented by Sederma which covers the use of the ingredient sarsasapogenin which has shown to increase lipogenisis. Sederma is not the only company who holds a patent. In fact, L’Oréal has several patents on sarsapogenins in Europe, Japan, and the United States.

How Volufiline works

Between birth and puberty there is no difference between development of the male and female breasts, once women hit puberty and begin producing high levels of estrogen this causes significant changes in the female breasts.

This is the time when the female breasts goe through a full transformation over a period of 3-4 years. During this period the fatty tissue also know as adipose tissue increases in volume.

Besides adipose tissue, the breasts have suspensory ligaments and milk ducts which contribute to the size and volume of the breasts. The size of the breasts is determined by the amount of adipose and glandular tissue within the breasts. This makes up about half of the total breast volume.

Breast Anatomy Creative

Volufiline increases breast size by stimulating adipose tissue in the breast. In simple terms breast creams that contain Volufiline increase fat cells, this makes breasts bigger and fuller.

When we refer to adipose tissue most people assume that we are just reffering to the female breasts but this is not always the case. Many people have used different cosmetics that contain Volufiline because they want to plump up different areas of the body like, cheeks, lips or buttocks.

Volufiline is the cosmetic ingredient in these products that increases adipose tissue when people apply it to their skin. Volufiline promotes new healthy cell tissue.

Sarsasapogenin is the plant used to extract Volufiline

Sarsasapogenin is a plant extract from the sarsparilla or Asparagus Officinalis. These Plants contain a combined mixture of sapogenins with antioxidant properties.

What studies show

There have been several clinical studies on the effect Volufiline can have on breast tissue. Studies conducted on female volunteers between the ages of 18 and 35 who had a bra cup size between 30A and 34AA were chosen to take part in the clinical trials

These women were instructed to apply the a cream containing 5% Volufiline twice a day to just one breast for a total of 56 days in a row.

At the conclusion of this trial the breast was measured without the bra. On average the breast that was treated with the Volufiline had increased in volume by up to 8.4% when compared to the untreated breast.

Breast Size Increase over 3 months

Another independent test called a “Vitro Evaluation” of Volufiline showed an increase in cell volume of over 22 times and lipid storage had increased by more than 600% which is truly amazing.

You can see why Volufiline is found in many products to help increase breast size.

Is Volufiline effective?

Yes, Volufiline is one of the few products that actually is patented and has clinical proof that it can increase breast size, not many other ingredients can make this claim.

After using Volufiline for just a few weeks most women will begin to notice bigger and fuller breasts, after about a month many will seen an increase in their cleavage.

Women who use Volufiline can expect an increase in breast size of up to 8.4 in just under 60 days.

Before and After Breast Treated With Volufiline
Screenshot take from the official Volufiline study

Besides making a woman’s breasts bigger, Volufiline can help increase breast firmness and make the breasts fuller and more lifted. This is a benefit a lot of older women or those suffering from sagging breasts possibly will love especially women  who have had children or have experienced rapid weight loss, each one of these things can cause the breasts to sag and droop.

Is Volufiline right for you?

For most women it is, considering that this ingredient can plump up your breasts in not time, plus its safe and requires very little effort. Question is where can you find Volufiline?

Since Volufiline is just one of many ingredients that can make your breasts bigger, it is normally found in popular breast enlargement products. Volufiline is normally not sold by itself. Below are two products that contain concentrated amounts of Volufiline and are sold online.

Will Volufiline work for men?

This is a question that is often asked by men, unfortunately, Volufiline wwill only work on women. Remember, Volufiline increases adipose tissue which is something women already have in their breasts, it duplicates adipose cell production. A mans breasts are completely different and have very little fat tissue, this is because men don’t have milk ducts or mammary glands, the male breast is made up of mostly muscle and very little fat.

The only way men can increase breast tissue would be by first begining some sort of hormone treatment ane even then it will be difficult for men to increase the size of their breasts with Volufiline.


Vollure is an all natural breast enhancement cream that contains coencentrated amounts of Volufiline and is effective for making your breasts bigger. Vollure comes in a 1.75oz (50ml presentation) This is plenty for a full month,. Vollure is easy to use, all you do is pump a few drops on to each breast “a little goes a long way” you do this twice a day once in the morning and one in the evening.

Vollure Breast Cream

Vollure is sold by Bauer nutrition which sells other beauty products, a one month supply of Vollure cost $69.95 however you can save money if you opt for their buy two get one free, this lowers the price to around $46.00. To be honest a one month supply will only give you margianl results it really takes a full thee months to get the best results.

What we like about Vollure

Its easy to use and a bottle goes along way, you should notice firmer fuller brests within just a few days and the results become progressively more noticeable the longer you use it. Vollure can also be used as an effective bust lift cream for women who just want firmer breasts or want something that helps reduce sagging breasts.

Total Curve

Total Curve is another popular breast enhancement cream that contains Volufiline, Total Curve is sold as a complete breast care system that includes both a breast enhancement cream and dietary supplement. Total Curve has been selling their breast cream online for over ten years , it was one of the first breast creams I ever used that contained Volufiline, I must say that it did a good job at making my breasts bigger.

Total Curve

Total Curve is one of the longest selling breast enhancement creams, it is reasonably priced and delivers lasting results. A one month supply of Total Curve costs $69.95 A three month supply costs $179.95 this includes three botttles of the supplement and three of the bust enhancement cream.

What we like about Total Curve

Total Curve for the price offers the best bang for your dollar, you get a dietary supplement with a breast cream that contains Volufiline. Total Curve contains other ingredients that help moisturize your breasts making them bigger, fuller and firmer.

As you can see both Vollure and Total curve are both similarly priced, obviously Total Curve comes with a supplement which offers more value.

Regardless of the product you choose you shoule be ware that to get the best results it takes a full three months, just buying aone month supply is a waste of money and will leave you disappointed.

Final thoughts

We know that without a doubt that Volufiline is clinically proven to make your breasts bigger, most women will be happy with the the size boost they get, plus the results happen fast. Using a breast cream is an easy way for women to enhance the size of their breasts with very little effort.

Best of all you can buy either Vollure or Total Curve discretely from their websites and have them shipped to your door. Both come with a 0 day money back guarantee which is something I am confident most women will never have to use.

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