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Looking for a Total Care breast system to improve the appearance of your breasts, look no further. In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about the Total Curve breast system and help you decide if it could be right for you.

I have used just about every breast cream available, sometimes I have been very disappointed with my results, other times I have been amazed at how well a certain brand has worked. Total Curve was the second product I ever used and it is one of the longest selling brands out there.

Without a doubt, the Total Curve breast enlargement system can add size to your bust line and make your breasts firmer and bigger.

Total Curve

What is Total Curve?

Total Curve is a breast care system made to help women enhance the look of their breasts and make them bigger. There are a lot of breast enhancement products that claim to make your breasts bigger but many of them lack the ingredients to do so. I have seen so many breast enhancement products come and go and its usually because they don’t deliver good results.

Total Curve is a breast care system that is made by Leading Edge Health, it contains ingredients that are clinically proven to make your breasts bigger.

Total Curve is a two-step system that bundles a breast enhancement cream a dietary supplement (breast pills) combining the two together can help women restore the natural look of their breasts and make them bigger.

Benefits of Total Curve:

  • Increase the size of your breasts (up to 8.4%)
  • Make your breasts firmer and fuller
  • Reduce sagging
  • Safe alternative to surgery
  • 100% all-natural ingredients
  • Clinically proven ingredients

The active ingredient in Total Curve is Volufiline

One of the things that set Total Curve apart from other breast enhancement creams is its formula. Volufiline is a patented ingredient that has been proven to make a woman’s breasts bigger.

Volufiline contains something called Sarsapogenin, what it does it promote new healthy fat cells, this is a process known as lipogenesis. Volufiline interacts with fat tissue in the breasts causing the fat cells to grow in both volume and quantity. This makes your breasts firmer, fuller, and bigger.

Total Curve helps increase the size of the underlying milk ducts and strengthens the ligaments that help support your breasts.

Breast Anatomy Creative

The Clinical study

Volufiline is patented by Sederma it has been used in a few breast cream brands and its one ingredient that we know delivers results. Not only is it effective it works fast.

The study was performed on 28 women volunteers and lasted 56 days. The volunteers applied the cream-gel which contained 5% Volufiline to one breast two times a day.

Each subject acted as her own control of the other untreated breast.

The breast which received the Volufiline treatment saw an increase in breast size of 1.4%  best responders to the treatment showed an increase of 2.2% and after 56 days women saw an increase of 6.4% and best responders showed an increase of 8.4%.

You can read the full study here.

Volufiline breast Increase Graph

Breast cream

The Total Curve breast cream contains all natural ingredients along with the active ingredient Volufiline.

Ingredients include:

Aloe Vera Extract is known for its anti-aging properties, aloe vera is quickly absorbed by your skin to help nourish and regenerate healthy tissue and repair damaged cells.

Bearberry extract is a powerful antioxidant that eliminates free radicals and works as a natural sunscreen. Bearberry extract contains something called “arbutin” this substance moisturizes and improves skin tone and texture.

Algae extract is rich in minerals that help smooth, soften and moisturize skin, it also has firming and anti-aging properties to make your breast skin younger looking

Breast Pills

The Total Curve dietary supplement contains ingredients that will help you increase breast fullness and size.

Many women begin to notice that their breasts begin to lose fullness and begin to sag or droop. This is often caused by hormonal imbalances (lack of estrogen) The Total Curve supplement contains a variety of natural herbs that help increase estrogen.

Ingredients in the pills include:

Buckwheat flowers contain bioflavonoids that help improve collagen production, strengthen the capillaries and improve blood circulation within the breast tissue, this has an effect on making your breasts fuller and firmer.

Fennel seed is a popular ingredient used to help increase estrogen it is considered one of the best phytoestrogens (plant estrogens) women can take to help regulate estrogen. Fennel seed is often used to help treat symptoms of menopause.

Dong Quai Root is believed to boost progesterone a hormone linked to breast development.

Blessed thistle has been used to help increase breast production in women but it also helps repair elastin and collagen.

Damiana Leaf is one of six popular herbs that has progesterone binding properties, this helps stimulate new healthy breast tissue.

Wild Yam root produces the plant estrogen “diosgenin” and is often used to help increase estrogen levels.

Black Cohosh is a natural estrogen booster that has been used to treat symptoms of PMS, menopause symptoms, and menstrual cramps.

Total Curve Ingredients

Is Total Curve Safe?

The quick answer is yes, however, there are some ingredients that may cause side effects in some women.

Black Cohosh, for example, may cause symptoms of nausea, upset stomach, headache, and cramping. This is due to its estrogenic properties, if used in large quantities it can cause liver damage and is not considered safe for women who suffer from blood clotting or who are sensitive to estrogen.

You should not use Total Curve if you are pregnant or nursing.

I have used Total Curve without any issues, however, if you suffer from any kind of medical condition or you are unsure about the ingredients its always wise to check with your doctor.

How to use?

To get the best results you simply squirt a few drops of the cream onto each breast twice a day, morning and evening.

You take one capsule twice a day with meals.

is this breast cream and pill combo right for you?

If you are a woman who is looking for a safe way to make your breasts bigger Total Curve is a practical way to do it. The complete breast care system can give you between a 1-2 cup size increase in just a couple of months.

This formula not only works for women who want bigger breasts, but older women will also love its rejuvenating benefits that include eliminating sagging breasts and making your breasts fuller and firmer.

Before and After Total Curve

Not everything about Total Curve is good

Most reviews just cover the positive benefits a product offers but Total Curve is not perfect and has a couple of drawbacks.

It takes time to work

While it is true that Total Curve works fast, in order to get the best results it takes 2-3 months to get the full benefit from this breast care system. If you lack patience Total Curve may not be right for you.

You need to buy the bundle

In order to get the best results from Total Curve, you need to take the breast pills and cream together, otherwise it will not work very well. Because of this you can’t buy just the pills or the cream separately, this may put some women off, especially those who don’t like taking pills.

Money-back Guarantee

Most products come with a moneyback guarantee, I mention this because Total Curve offers one of the best money-back guarantees available.

Some companies charge you for the unused product, Total Curve does not. If you are not satisfied with the product you can return the unused product (even empty bottles) within 60 days and receive a full refund minus shipping costs.


A one month supply of Total Curve cost $69.95 but I will tell you right now that a one month supply is not enough if you are not willing to buy at least a 3 month supply save your money. Remember it takes a full 2-3 months to get full results plus its cheaper.

The Total Curve Platinum package (3 month supply) cost $179.95 a six month supply cost $299.00.

Final thoughts

Total Curve is one of the longest selling breast enhancement cream and pills ever sold online, it has a solid reputation that has helped thousands of women make their breasts bigger without surgery.

If you are looking for a safe way to increase your bust size you will love this breast enhancement system.

Where to buy

You can only buy Total Curve from the official website, this will ensure you receive a genuine product and special offers available at the time of purchase.

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