Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

Breast Enlargement Without Surgery Is Safe, Affordable, and Effective

We can’t talk about how great breast enlargement without surgery truly is unless we compare it to, well… plastic surgery.

Truthfully, surgery is one of those things that is completely unnecessary, yet a lot of people still want to go through it.

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you decided that surgery is definitely not for you and you’re looking for the best way to grow your bust, naturally.

Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

Contrary to popular belief, natural breast enlargement is very real and easily achievable by anyone that is willing to give it a try. Although, it does take time and plenty of consistency, in order to achieve great results.

The “secret” to getting your dream body (naturally) will highly depend on your personal motivation and the amount of effort that you’re willing to put into it.

The Truth About Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

Natural breast augmentation is very simple to understand and even easier to actually do. When deciding on the best way to grow your breasts, you have the option of using a pump, cream, or herbal supplement.

Pumps are probably the most popular option right now as they are easy to use, affordable, and very effective.

Bust Enhancement

Believe it or not, these devices are not that uncomfortable and they will actually generate faster results than those with a cream.

Creams are easier to use than pumps but can be a bit more expensive as they will eventually run out and need replacing. The same goes for supplements (they’ll need replacing) even though they also work incredibly well.

How Does a Breast Pump Work?

I’m sure that there are plenty of scientific studies out there that can explain it a lot better than I can, but I’m just going to skip the details and get to the important stuff.

Breast pumps work in a similar way to penis enlargement devices (you read that right) by using a vacuum technique. To set it up, you simply place the device on your bust, press it to create a tight vacuum seal, and then you let it get to work.

Breast Pump

The vacuum will create pressure in the targeted area (bust) which will lead to an increased blood flow. As blood accumulates, new cells will begin to form within the tissue and the breasts will swell.

At first, the swelling will subside, but after prolonged use – the size increase will become permanent.  Pumps are painless but they can take some getting used to. The good thing is that they only need to be used for less than an hour a day.

How Do Breast Creams Work?

Creams are made from a unique selection of natural ingredients that stimulate the body into producing more estrogen.

As you probably already know, estrogen is in charge of developing and increasing the size of the breastVollure Cream (and butt) tissue. The great thing about creams is that they directly target the desired area and can be applied in just seconds.

Results will vary from person to person, but it’s important to be patient because this solution doesn’t work quite as fast as a pump.

Most companies who manufacture these creams suggest that they should be applied once in the morning and once in the evening, after showering.

Results should be noticeable right around the fourth week of use; although there’s no way to guarantee this. Everyone is unique and you might experience results in a shorter or longer period of time.

How Do Breast Enlargement Supplements Work?

Breast enhancement supplements are the last natural breast enlargement method that I’m going to discuss in this article.

I’m sure that if you’ve done any form of research you have probably stumbled across more than one website talking about herbal supplements.

Supplements are very different from pumps and creams but they work in a very similar fashion. Let me explain.

Natural Breast Enlargement Supplements

Supplements contain a smart blend of herbal (natural) ingredients that can have a direct impact on raising the body’s estrogenic activity.

When the tablet (or drops) enter the bloodstream, they stimulate the body into producing more estrogen; therefore enhancing the size and volume of the fatty tissue that makes up the breasts.

Supplements are highly effective and aren’t all that expensive. A lot of people actually prefer them over pumps and creams, and I completely understand their reasoning.

Risks Of Breast Enlargement Surgery

Now that I talked a bit about the different methods available to enlarge the breasts naturally – I think that it’s important to discuss the main reason why surgery is becoming less popular.

The most obvious reason is the existence of superior natural solutions that are a lot (and I mean a lot) more affordable than surgery.

The average cost of breast augmentation surgery in the USA hovers around 6,000 dollars but can easily double in specific areas. A breast pump, supplement, or a cream will cost less than 100 dollars.

Money aside, plastic surgery is a very risky procedure in which a lot more can go wrong than right. For the most part, breast implants look completely unnatural and in most cases unattractive.

The body can actually reject the implants and -even if it doesn’t- the feeling of having two bags of silicone can take some getting used to.

breast enlargement surgery risks

The surgery will be painful and the recovery process can take several months. Pain, swelling, bruising – and even bleeding are common occurrences after the procedure is completed.

Infection is always a risk, and in most cases, the implant will need correcting. Rupture, deflation, and capsular contracture are other high-risk factors that need to be considered.

Secondary surgeries to correct or remove the implants are common and will require more capital (money) to correct the issue.

Some women lose the ability to breastfeed while others see a decrease in sensitivity in the nipples and surrounding breast tissue.

Scarring will be present but can be noticeably reduced by applying a topical cream that’s usually recommended by the medical professional that performed the procedure. Still, surgery just isn’t worth it.


Even though there’s a lot more that can be discussed about natural breast enhancement as well as surgery; I think that the most important aspects were covered within the article.

Although breast pumps, supplements, and creams have gained a lot of popularity over the years due to their affordability and effectiveness; a lot of people still don’t have the patience or motivation to improve the look of their body, naturally.

Pumps, supplements, and creams have proven to be great tools that can be used by anyone. Men and women have successfully managed to transform their bodies without having to resort to the dangers of plastic surgery.

Going the natural route may take longer to see desired results but it will all be worth it in the long run. Natural enhancement is simple, safe, private, non-invasive – and very affordable.

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