Booty Enhancement Cream

 Her Solution Booty and Hip Enhancement Cream

Booty enlargement creams have been around for as long as I can remember, many of the creams that I have tried offered false claims that are just too good to believe “but I bought them anyway”.

The truth is, most booty enlargement creams don’t work. However, Her solution booty sculpt offers women something different, it does not promise you a bigeer booty, what it does promise is a sculpted, smooth and cellulite free bottom and for this pupose it works extremely well.

90% of the booty creams sold promise you something that is not possible which is (a bigger butt), who really believes that a booty cream is going to increase the size of your buttocks by inches.

We know that this is physiologically impossible, however, booty creams can improve the appearance of your buttocks but not in the way you would think.

A few months back a close friend of mine recommended a booty enhancement cream, my first thought was no I’m not interested but then she showed me her results.

During my friend’s second pregnancy she gained a lot of weight and ended up with a flabby butt and thighs and she had some pretty unsightly stretch marks.

Before and after her solution booty enhancemenet cream

She showed me her thighs and I was amazed that her stretch marks were almost completely faded and her buttocks and thighs were much firmer.

I guess my jealousy got the best of me so I decided to give the cream a try myself.

The name of the cream is Her Solution booty sculpt and unlike many creams that tell you the cream is going to make your buttocks bigger, this was not one of them.

Her solution booty sculpt system is made to make your buttocks and thighs firmer and smoother. It also does an incredible job at fading away stretch marks.

I do work out several times a week and it does help. I have pretty muscular glutes, the problem is that I still seem to accumulate cellulite around my buttocks and thighs.

I personally wanted something that would help get rid of my cellulite and improve my skin texture and her solution sculpting cream worked much better than I expected.

What is her solution booty sculpt?

Her solution is a complete booty enhancement cream made for women who want to improve the look of their buttocks, thighs, and hips and make them look fantastic.

This three-step system includes 3 individual products, combining them together will improve the overall appearance of your booty.


  • Improve skin cell health in your buttocks
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Vanish stretch marks
  • Eliminate cellulite
  • Make your skin soft and smooth
  • Firm and tone your buttocks, hips, and thighs

How it works

Each one of the three products in the booty enhancement cream has a specific purpose, using all three will give you a smoother, fuller, and beautiful buttocks that you can be proud of.

The three ingredients include the following:

Her solution booty sculpt scrub

The is the first step of the 3 part system, the sculpting cream is a skin exfoliating coffee scrub (Arabica coffee extract) that not only eliminates dead skin, it also stimulates blood flow to help promote new healthy skin cells. It also helps stimulate new collagen production making your skin firmer and tighter.

Coffee Scrub

The sculpting cream also contains Niacinamide (B3) and Panthenol (vitamin B5)

Her solution collagen booty mask

After you exfoliate your skin you follow up with the collagen booty mask. The sculpting mask helps smooth and eliminate cellulite in problem areas of your body, besides your booty you can use it on your thighs and hips.

Booty Enhancement Cream (Mask)

The sculpting cream contains Carica papaya extract, Aloe Vera, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Peach Kernel oil, Peppermint and Seaweed Extract.

Applying the sculpting mask gives you a fresh and invigorating feeling that makes your skin firmer and tighter. After you have applied the booty mask the next step is to massage in the smoothing serum.

Her solution smoothing serum

The smoothing serum is the final step in the 3 step system, it contains Vitamin E, Sweet almond Oil, and Indica Mango Seed Butter. Applying the serum once a day will help vanish stretch marks and hydrate your skin.

Her Solution Stretch Mark Cream

The smoothing serum eliminates blemishes and stretch marks making your butt beautiful and smooth. The way it leaves your buttocks smooth and glowing gives will give you the confidence of showing off a firm and dimple free buttocks that you can flaunt anywhere, wearing a bathing suit, leggings, and short shorts.

What you should expect

This three-part system delivers what it says, I found the coffee scrub very invigorating, its slightly harsher than facial scrubs “which it should be” I am someone who on occasion experiences mild acne outbreaks on my buttocks, this has completely cleared it up and it leaves your buttocks with a nice and smooth appearance.

Her Solution Booty Scylpting Cream

I have been using the Her solution sculpting system for 2 months so I have a good feel of the results and I am happy enough to have recommended it to friends and love showing off my results.


  • Natural vegan ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
  • Paraben-free


  • The only real downside to this product is it is a bit pricey. Some women may not care much about improving the appearance of their buttocks, but if you are, the price of this product is worth it.


Because you can search all day long to try and find a similar solution and you won’t find one with the same quality ingredients. I found individual products that I could combine together but the price ended up being more expensive.

Does it work?

I personally have had good results and continue to use it, at first I used it every day for a full two months and now I use it every other day. Don’t take my word for it, there are several customer testimonials who have submitted their proof on social media.

Before and after Sculpt

Is Her Solution booty sculpting cream right for you?

If you have always wanted a more youthful and sculpted bottom you will love the benefits this booty enhancement cream has to offer. It will give you smooth curves, eliminate cellulite and fade stretch marks, this is a secret that fashion models will never tell you about, in fact, had I not heard of it from a friend I would have never known it existed.

Women of all ages will love the rejuvinating benefits of this booty sculpting cream

How much does Her solution sculpt cost?

A one month supply of the sculpting kit cost $97.00 a 3 month supply cost $247.00 and 6 months cost $427.00. I should also mention that each of the products can be purchased individually.

Where to buy?

Her solution sculpting cream is not sold in stores, it can only be purchased from the official website, this will ensure you receive a genuine product and if you are still reluctant “I was” it comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee.

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